The best Valentine's Day gift

The best Valentine's Day gift

Feb 13, 2023Jonathan Englert

Sure, chocolates are sweet, flowers are pretty but we think you can do better this Valentine's Day. Call us biased, but we think giving someone a box of imperfect fruit and veg is a gift that makes a big difference - in more ways than one! 

Let us tell you why we think a Good & Fugly box is the perfect Valentine's Day gift. 

1) We don't want to put a dampener on this day of celebrating love, but the truth is Valentine's Day negatively impacts the environment. With so much disposal waste, it's not helping the world's growing waste problem. Want to know just how badly it's impacting the environment? This is a great overview.

2) Giving a Good & Fugly box will positively impact the environment. How? Every box rescues imperfect fruit and veg that would have otherwise been sent to landfill. In Australia alone, we throw away over 3 million tonnes of food a year. It's shocking, but the reality is many aren't away what is happening. In the fruit and vegetable industry, nearly 25% of produce doesn't even leave the farm. This is because supermarkets will deem it to "not look good enough" - and therefore, it becomes waste. We are working hard to change this and celebrate imperfect fruit and veg.

3) By supporting us, you're also supporting the great organisations we work with. We are super selective with who we partner up. It's really important that we work with others who share the same values and goals that we do. That's why we have teamed up with some of the best! These are organisations that strive to make positive change, including:

- OzHarvest

- Nutrition Australia

- Tumbleweed

- Vegepod

- SecondBite 

- Vitamix


4) You'll get mega brownie points for originality. How many Valentine's Day flowers, chocolates, and stuffed toys can one really have? A Good & Fugly box is - out of the box! It's unique and really says a lot about who you are and your desire to make a positive contribution to the planet. 

5) Your Valentine will enjoy fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables. We pride ourselves on delivering the yummiest and fresh fruit and veg. We work with growers to ensure we receive and send out our boxes on the same day. No storing in a frozen warehouse! It's all about freshness and deliciousness.

6) Celebrate the imperfect! Love isn't perfect, and neither is our fruit and veg. Our fruit and veg is special because it's authentic. It's how it was meant to be. Whether that's a little wonky, too big, too small, or whatever it may be - we are here for it! Imperfect is real, and that's what Good & Fugly is all about.

Ready to get your Valentine a Good & Fugly box or perhaps a subscription? Head on over to our boxes to see select from our many options.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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