How to find your eco-community

How to find your eco-community

Dec 08, 2022Jonathan Englert

We know first-hand the power of community. How bringing like-minded individuals together is what starts to create a movement and ultimately change. Finding others whom you can connect with, talk to, brainstorm with, and share information is a powerful way to contribute to the environment. It’s how real change is created when people start to work toward the same goal, the same vision. Whether you’re an eco-expert or dipping your toe in, we can’t stress the importance of becoming part of groups and communities that are working towards positively impacting the environment.

So, how do you find your eco-community?

Start local

The best place to start is in your community. Most suburbs will have a group of some sort that is focused on sustainability. Check out Facebook groups, your local council, and noticeboards. You may come across a local community garden group, a conservation group and so on. is a global network that brings people together based on their interests and location. It’s free to join and use. Check out the groups in your area, and if none interest you, start your own! You can use groups in other areas as inspiration to see in what capacity they are meeting up and what activities they are doing.

Put it out there to your existing network

Why not communicate to your existing network that you are looking for others who share your passion for the environment? Post on social media, send a group email or text. Include that you are looking to meet up with others to talk or carry out activities (this could be a rubbish collection, gardening etc) – you might be surprised how many people you already know are looking for the same thing. Or start an online group if that's easier! 


There are many events across the country that happen regularly that support sustainability and the environment. A quick google search will lead you to a variety. Flagship events like Clean Up Australia Day and National Volunteer’s week – are a terrific way to connect with others who are looking to make a difference.

Join our community

At Good & Fugly, we are big on bringing our people together. Our network of customers, farmers and partners is growing and we work together to fight food waste. You will find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where we post regularly and encourage our community to comment, share and engage. We believe that the only way we can fight food waste is by working as a team, and that’s why we place so much importance on our community. You can also join our weekly newsletter to stay across our news and announcements.

So, ready to find your community? What are you waiting for! 

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