How to make the perfect pie

How to make the perfect pie

Mar 16, 2023Jonathan Englert

Hello Autumn! One of our favourite seasons for enjoying homemade pies. What we love about pies is that you can get so creative with your filling, and it's the perfect way to use veggies and fruit! 

First thing first - the pastry. A quick google will take you to a whole range of recipes, how-to's and hacks when it comes to making your pie pastry. The truth is, the perfect pastry will come to your preference. A flaky pastry will come down to your butter content, for example. Think about what it is that you like? A flaky, crusty pastry base or something thick and denser. 

Next you will need to decide if you're going to whip out the rolling pin or go store-bought. The good news is there are many options. From excellent, easy-bake ready-to-go pastries, flat pastry sheets or endless recipes. 

Here's a recipe we quite like.

Now it's time to think about filling. The options are endless! And we mean endless. There are so many ways to make a sweet or savoury filling that will have you drooling. 

How to make Veggie pies

For a hearty lunch or dinner, make veggie fillings using just about any of the veggies in your box. You can cut into small pieces and slow cook on the stove top adding stock, a tomato base (like tomato paste) and other seasonings. When the mixture thickens and cools slightly, add to your pie base, then cover with a top layer to close your pie and bake - usually around 20 minutes. You can add mashed potatoes for a Shepard's Pie, or keep the flavours simple with classics like leek and mushroom or spinach, cheese and pine nuts. Pies making offers so much flexibility when it comes to filling, and enabling you to experiment with fillings that tickle your taste buds.

How to make Fruit pies

Who doesn't love a delicious fruit pie with a side serving of ice-cream or thickened cream. Fruit fillings can be incredibly fun to make and also a great opportunity to experiment with flavours. Go for classics like apple and cinnamon, berries like strawberries or blueberries or delicious pears. Stewing your fruit on low heat before adding it to your pastry will ensure they are cooked through, and the flavours have a chance to emerge. 

Are you as excited about pie-making as we are? We'd love to see your creations, especially using what's in your Good & Fugly box! Be sure to take pics and post on socials and tag us! 


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