Meet the Team: Hello Xavier

Meet the Team: Hello Xavier

Sep 07, 2022Jonathan Englert

We're a pretty fun bunch here at Good & Fugly! We want to introduce you to the team. First up is Xavier! 

1) What's your role at Good & Fugly? 

I am the Operations Manager. My day to day includes dealing with customer orders, organising staff, customer service, speaking to farmers and organising all the fruit & veg we pack.  

2) What's the best part of your job?

It has to be the fruit & veg. Having an apple or mandarin, which is straight from the farm or taking home some super fresh greens to whip up for dinner, cannot be beaten. 

3) What has surprised you most on the Good & Fugly journey so far? 

I’ve always liked to cook, but I did not expect to come across so many different types of produce and find so many ways to prepare and cook them.   

4) What would you like most people to know about Good & Fugly? 

Good & Fugly is a very small team, but we all have very big aspirations for this business and the future of food waste. We’re working hard to change the food waste situation in Australia, one box at a time. 

5) What's your favourite fruit or veg and why?

It would have to be the simple potato for me. So malleable and so delicious. Chips, mash, potato bake, hash browns, I could go on. You cannot go wrong with a potato.

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