Squeeze the Day

Squeeze the Day

Sep 09, 2022Jonathan Englert

The warmer weather is the perfect time to start blending and blitzing.

Smoothies are a great way to pack a whole lot of nutrients into a single serve. The greatest part is that you can adjust your smoothies according to your tastes.

So what do you need to make the perfect smoothie?

1) Use a good blender

2) Use fresh fruit and vegetables

3) Try adding lemon for extra flavour 

4) For a creamier consistency, try adding avocado or banana 

5) Mix up and experiment. Try a balance of fruit and veg, and test out different fruit and veg to find out what your taste buds love. 

We really love smoothies because they are a great way to pack in a whole lot of fruity and vegetable goodness into one serving. Even better, you can mix, match, and experiment using all your favourite ingredients.

Ready to make pear-fect smoothies? Get your Good & Fugly box delivered to get underway! 

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