Vegetable BBQ

Vegetable BBQ

Jan 27, 2023Jonathan Englert

A long Aussie tradition, BBQ's are a get together go-to. But are they only for the meat-eaters out there? Absolutely not! Veggie BBQ's are all the rage and a great way to put your fuglies to use. 

What vegetables are good for the BBQ?

Go ver veggies that are going to maintain their form when they hit the hot plate. Some we love to BBQ are:

- Capsicum 

- Eggplants

- Red onions 

- Zucchini

- Mushroom 

- Asparagus

- Corn

How to grill?

Keep your veggies big. Nice, big cuts will ensure they stay in form, and get that delicious bbq grill happening. Drizzle a little oil over your veg before placing on the grill. Let them cook for a 3 minutes each side, turning to ensure you get a a charred effect. The beauty of a veggie BBQ is that it's low fuss. All you need is to chop up the veg, and use a pair of tongs to turn.

You can also cut your veg into smaller pieces and pierce through a skewer.  Veggies skewers are delicious, easy BBQ treat, that kids also love. Get crafty with your veggie layering, alternating colours or even making them all the same colour. This can also be a fun activity to include the kids. They will be excited to eat their own creations. 

To marinade or not to marinade? 

It's best to add any sort of dressing after you have finished barbecuing your veg. They will absorb the flavour of the marinade better when they are hot. There are many options here when it comes to flavour. Opt for something simple like lemon, garlic and parsley, or go for stronger flavours like smokey BBQ or teriyaki. 

What veggies do you like to grill on the BBQ? Be sure to share your pics on socials and tag us. We've love to see how you BBQ your fuglies! 

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