Why eating more veggies doesn't have to be hard

Why eating more veggies doesn't have to be hard

Oct 21, 2022Jonathan Englert

OK, so you've become aware that you need to eat more vegetables. Now what? The good news is, adding more veggies to your week doesn't have to be hard and we're passionate about ensuring you know just how easy it is.

The trick is to think about your current diet, and explore ways you can substitute or add veggies.

For example:

- Instead or rice, try cauliflower rice

- For breakfast, add some spinach to your eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans on the side! 

- Add a salad to your sandwich or as a side at lunch

- At dinner, roasted veggies is a fast, easy dish that goes with just about everything 

- When you're making those muffins, why not try a beetroot recipe? 

Often when we think of adding more veg, we have overwhelming thoughts of trying to figure out how to add bowls of spinach into the week. But, veggies can be added to every meal in creative and delicious ways, that will not only add dimension and flavour, but be providing all those amazing nutrients. 

What creative ways do you add veg to your week? 

For more inspiration, head on over to our recipe library where you can see a whole range of recipes. We also share regular tips and tricks on our Facebook and Instagram pages. What are you waiting for. Peas, take our advice. Veggies are an awesome addition to all meals

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