4 Tips For Making Your Fresh Produce Last Longer

4 Tips For Making Your Fresh Produce Last Longer

Jan 24, 2022Jonathan Englert

Buying produce at the grocery store can be a bittersweet task. It's tempting to put every mouth watering fruit or vegetable we come across into our cart, making the checkout line a somewhat rude awakening. Not only is produce expensive, sometimes it doesn't last very long!

But it doesn't have to be this way – you just need to know the proper techniques for storing produce to get fresh produce to last longer. At Good & Fugly we're experts in getting the most life (and bang for your buck!) out of fruit & veg. Here are our favourite tips and tricks:

1. Freezing is your friend

Produce like grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas (just to name a few) are great for smoothies. Simply chop up when produce is ripe, freeze it on a baking sheet, transfer the frozen produce to an airtight container or plastic bag, and put it back in the freezer. You can also mash defrosted berries into butter or jam – again, freezing them before makes this super easy!

2.  Wash everything!

Produce at your grocery store has been handled and packaged by many people before you pick it up. This means that some produce is more susceptible than others to mould and bacteria that can cut their lifespan in your kitchen drastically short! Make sure to wash all produce before storing to remove any possible contamination and keep them fresh longer.

3. Optimize produce placement 

Do you know know where each item should be stored in your refrigerator? Some items belongs on the top shelf (like avocados and other produce high in oil), while some should be put in a produce drawer (like produce with a high water content, like cucumber). Getting your placement right will make a world of difference.

4. Shop smarter

Buying your fruit and veg from a local market or small grocer has some advantages. You can ask when produce was harvested and how long it's been handled for, which give you an idea about whether it's ready to eat immediately or still needs more time to ripen. 

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