8 fruits and vegetables you can grow in an apartment

8 fruits and vegetables you can grow in an apartment

Jan 26, 2022Jonathan Englert

You might think the only way to grow your own fruits and vegetables is to have a big backyard. But you can grow fresh produce if you live in an apartment, too! With just a little bit of space and some basic gardening knowledge, you can grow a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables right in a small home. Choosing plants that can thrive in pots or small planters is key – these are some of the best, easiest fruits and vegetables to grow in an apartment.


Tomatoes are one of the easiest things to grow in an apartment setting because they need very little space, yet can yield enormous harvests. If you have access to a patio or balcony in your apartment, just grab some cheap plastic pots, plant a few tomato seedlings and keep them right by the window. The plants will be able to soak up plenty of sun through the window all day long, helping you grow delicious tomatoes without sacrificing too much floor space.


Lettuce is nutritious and quick-growing which makes it a great choice for beginner gardeners. You could try planting spinach or rocket too. No matter what kind of lettuce you end up choosing to grow, you'll be happy with the results because this leafy green veggie goes great in nearly every salad recipe imaginable!


Capsicum plants are a great choice for apartment-dwellers because they can grow indoors with very little space and don't need much direct sunlight. In fact, too much direct sun can scorch them – so if you keep the pots on an exposed balcony, you might need to set up a shade for them in the summer. 


Carrots are surprisingly easy to grow no matter what kind of garden environment you have access to. As long as there's enough natural light coming into your home, carrots will flourish! Just make sure you use a planter, pot or container that is deep and wide enough – it should be at least 300mm deep to give these root veggies plenty of room to grow.


Potatoes are an excellent choice for apartment gardeners because they're resilient and will grow in just about anything, as long as there's enough sunlight filtering through your windows. You can buy Potato Bags specifically designed for growing them in small spaces – but even an old bucket will work! Just be sure to drill some drainage holes in the bottom before you plant.


Grapes can be grown outdoors in most climates, but they also work well when grown indoors with a bit of careful planning. Grape vines need lots of sunlight and a sturdy trellis from which to grow, so be sure that you have both elements covered before purchasing some grape vine seedlings. Try using bamboo stakes if your apartment balcony doesn't already have enough strong poles for growing grape vines.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Did you know broccoli and cauliflower are both members of the cabbage family? They're also extremely nutritious vegetables that come with an entire host of health benefits such as helping to reduc the risk of heart disease and improving digestion. Timing is crucial for growing these vegetables – start broccoli or cauliflower seedlings indoors at least two weeks before your last expected frost date in order to ensure a bountiful harvest later on in the year. 


Onions are easy-to-grow root crops that are easy to start from seed and grow indoors. If you have access to an outside space, it's best to wait until spring before starting your onion seedlings. Like other carrots and potatoes, if you don't have a backyard to plant in onions need a container with some depth. The best part is you don't need to wait until they are full-sized to harvest – you can pull some up to use while still small for a different flavour, leaving other bulbs to keep growing.

Now you know how to grow some of your fruit and vegetables, you can get the rest of your delicious produce from a Good And Fugly box, delivered straight to your apartment door!

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